Taxes are our money

September 10, 2010

Just now Obama said that extending the Bush tax cuts would “give” an average of $100K back to millionaires. While I agree with him that the tax cuts should not be extended, I don’t like the rhetoric of Democrats on taxes. The money we pay in taxes is OUR money, taken by force by the government. I know that sounds hysterically right wing, but if you fail to pay taxes guys with guns will throw you in jail. This unfortunate attitude among Democrats causes them to act like they’ve got a pile of free money that they can redistribute as They see fit. The phrasing I would prefer is tax cuts will “take less” money, rather than tax cuts will “give” money, to the American people. I want government officials to feel deeply that they must spend MY money carefully. That’s not the way things work now.


This and this post reaffirms that some angry feminists have trouble with logic and math. Basically, they are terrified of strange men because some men are rapists. This logical fallacy is common among the mentally challenged. Right now, right-wing psychos are apoplectic about the Park51 mosque in NYC. Their reasoning is that most terrorists are Muslims, therefore Muslims might be terrorists. Similarly, since most pedophiles are white men, are white men pedophiles? Bitches are women, are women bitches? This fallacy might be called affirming the consequent, though I found a better term for it recently but can’t recall it.

The second problem with this is mathematical. Women are more likely to suffer violence at the hands of men they already know! It is sad and sickening, but women are far, far more likely to raped by their friend, date, boyfriend/husband. A large number of murders are women shot by their husband/boyfriend. Little girls are far more likely to be molested by close relatives. It is statistically unlikely to be raped by a stranger. Of course it happens. And when it does it is plastered all over the news (“Beware of men walking behind you at night!!!”) to scare the crap out of women. But the news does not report the zillions of date rapes occurring every night. So women are comfortable getting plastered with a guy on a date (high risk), but terrified of walking home at night (low risk). With mad math skillz like that, is it any wonder there aren’t more female scientists?

Virile Congo Rapists

August 26, 2010

Over four days recently nearly 200 women and 4 baby boys were gang raped in the Congo. This was perpetrated by 200 to 400 rebels attacking in groups of 3 to 6. I would make a terrible rebel. First, I will not dip my dick in 5 men’s leftover spooge. Second, it would be difficult to maintain an erection while I’m holding down the victim and waiting my turn. I can’t even pee when someone’s standing at the next urinal. Finally, I would need to take a nap afterward. I won’t have the energy to continue pillaging the village, nor would I be able to rape anyone else. Though the Congolese rebels are certainly vile, one must admire their virility.

MET for Vigorous Sex

July 14, 2010

Here’s a list of activities with their MET values. MET stands for metabolic equivalent intensity levels, which is a ratio compared to just sitting quietly doing nothing. For example, watering the plants has a score of 2.5, which means it requires 2.5 times more energy than a couch potato. Of course I quickly searched for sexual activity, which has scores for light (1.0) as in kissing & cuddling, moderate (1.3) and vigorous (1.5) sexual activity. It’s interesting to note the huge list of things that consume more energy than vigorous sex: showering & toweling off (2.0), getting dressed (2.0), billiards (2.0), singing in church (1.5), typing on a computer (1.5), watering the lawn (1.5).

We don’t know what they mean by “vigorous sex”, but they are equating it with merely typing this post! I think they are doing it wrong. I can’t imagine anyone would define “vigorous sex” as being less taxing than playing billiards or getting dressed in the morning. As an Internet Casanova, to me moderate sex means we are lying down the whole time. Vigorous sex means the mattress has been pushed off the bed, there’s a fair amount of damage in the room, and my girl is slowly crawling to the bathroom to wash up (sometimes she passes out on the way there). I’m dripping in sweat, out of breath, often with a pulled muscle or strained back. It requires quite a bit of energy to clean and jerk a 120lb woman when she’s crushing your skull with her thighs. For me vigorous sex is equivalent to wrestling, which has a MET score of 6.0. I assume I’m on the more conservative end, so most active people should be scoring closer to judo (10.0). Even a quickie takes more energy than showering. The authors of this report must totally trash the bathroom like drunken rock stars.

Inside the Jezebel Mind

July 13, 2010

Recently I’ve been skimming Jezebel, a site where petulant teenage girls can rail against the Patriarchy. The stories themselves are a dull mix of Cosmo-style fluff about celebutantes, fashion and minor news bites about insignificant women. But the comments are an anthropological goldmine of that tribe of womyn who revel in their role as victim. Like a white supremacist forum, the comments are an echo chamber of affront that struggles to maintain a twisted internal consistency. (I found their justification for ogling soccer players amusing. Feminism when it’s convenient!) They see everything as a vast Patriarchal conspiracy to keep women in their place. Ironically, these girls exhibit all the stereotypes of women’s studies majors: irrational screeds, bilious attacks against those who don’t toe their ideological line, and group *hugs* for the in-crowd. It’s Mao in a dress.