February 6, 2007

Why do people hate fatties so much? Being fat is no different than being a smoker, or alcoholic, or perpetually in debt, or just stupid. All of them are ruining their lives and lack the self-discipline to stop. Smokers produce second-hand smoke, and they raise health insurance costs with their preventable cancers. Alcohol is responsible for enormous harm in our society, from date rape to drunk drivers. Those with credit card debt use rampant materialism to fill their empty lives, then they will depend on government aid (my taxes) for their retirement. And the stupid deserve a special place in hell for making my life difficult. Fatties have the same health care impact as smokers and alcoholics, but none of the externalities. Is it because they are unsightly? What about the mass of ugly people that blight public places? Merely being unattractive doesn’t seem like enough to explain all this hostility. Maybe people need an easily identifiable group to isolate to make themselves feel better. Why can’t we focus our national hate on something far away, like mosquitoes? I hate mosquitoes.

FYI: I’m freakishly skinny, but I’ve had a taste of similar bigotry because of my gorgeous mocha skin. Fat white people are amusing: they hate Colored People, but complain about bigotry against fatties. They are amazingly stupid.


One Response to “Fatties”

  1. lexiedi Says:

    Well… I mean… I’m a fat white person and I’m certainly not racist. And I’m certainly not stupid…

    Late response, but it needed to be said.

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