Much has happened in my 2.5 year absence that demands commentary. I need a safe space to express myself without judgment from narrow minded Puritans. Recently I was reflecting on bestial rape on Facebook. I wasn’t equating doggie dry humping with rape, I was merely musing about the possibility of doggie rape. But then my mom leaves a snide remark on my wall and defriends me, along with a slew of other stuck-up prigs. Well, the Internet is a big place. If child molesters can find one another out there, then certainly we unconventional thinkers can find a quiet corner to contemplate the absurdity of existence.


Phasing out this blog

November 12, 2007

I’ve moved technical posts to another blog. It’s under my real name; therefore, I won’t link to it from here. (then I wouldn’t be anonymous anymore!)  I might use this area to post misanthropic rants. It would be cathartic for me to blow off steam, but why would anyone else want to read that? To the 2 people who might subscribe to this blog, consider this a small contribution to improve your productivity. You’ll have one less thing to read now.

Gone fishing

May 5, 2007

Be back next month.

WordPress ate my homework

September 6, 2006

I’ve now lost 3 posts because IE crashes or WordPress freaks out. WordPress claims to save backups while I type, but where are they? This sucks. Maybe I’ll be in the mood to write something tomorrow.

Raison d’etre

June 19, 2006

I wrote a concise opening post that described the purpose of this blog: to complain about everything. Unfortunately, WordPress and IE7 conspired to lose my first post. IE7 blocks the 'write post' page on WordPress. When I right-click and select 'display blocked content', it refreshes the page and lost all the text in my first post. Now my first post sets the tone for the rest of this blog. Everything and everyone sucks. This blog will enumerate the many reasons why this is true.

FYI: WordPress's spelling checker doesn't have 'WordPress' or 'blog' in their dictionary. After all these years, has noone ever noticed?