Feminists afraid of men and math

August 26, 2010

This and this post reaffirms that some angry feminists have trouble with logic and math. Basically, they are terrified of strange men because some men are rapists. This logical fallacy is common among the mentally challenged. Right now, right-wing psychos are apoplectic about the Park51 mosque in NYC. Their reasoning is that most terrorists are Muslims, therefore Muslims might be terrorists. Similarly, since most pedophiles are white men, are white men pedophiles? Bitches are women, are women bitches? This fallacy might be called affirming the consequent, though I found a better term for it recently but can’t recall it.

The second problem with this is mathematical. Women are more likely to suffer violence at the hands of men they already know! It is sad and sickening, but women are far, far more likely to raped by their friend, date, boyfriend/husband. A large number of murders are women shot by their husband/boyfriend. Little girls are far more likely to be molested by close relatives. It is statistically unlikely to be raped by a stranger. Of course it happens. And when it does it is plastered all over the news (“Beware of men walking behind you at night!!!”) to scare the crap out of women. But the news does not report the zillions of date rapes occurring every night. So women are comfortable getting plastered with a guy on a date (high risk), but terrified of walking home at night (low risk). With mad math skillz like that, is it any wonder there aren’t more female scientists?


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