Inside the Jezebel Mind

July 13, 2010

Recently I’ve been skimming Jezebel, a site where petulant teenage girls can rail against the Patriarchy. The stories themselves are a dull mix of Cosmo-style fluff about celebutantes, fashion and minor news bites about insignificant women. But the comments are an anthropological goldmine of that tribe of womyn who revel in their role as victim. Like a white supremacist forum, the comments are an echo chamber of affront that struggles to maintain a twisted internal consistency. (I found their justification for ogling soccer players amusing. Feminism when it’s convenient!) They see everything as a vast Patriarchal conspiracy to keep women in their place. Ironically, these girls exhibit all the stereotypes of women’s studies majors: irrational screeds, bilious attacks against those who don’t toe their ideological line, and group *hugs* for the in-crowd. It’s Mao in a dress.


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