February 8, 2007

For the first time ever, I no longer have any newspaper subscriptions. I’ve moved to a new city where, inexplicably, they won’t deliver the paper to my apartment door. Instead, they deliver a stack of papers to the doorman. By the time I’ve finally put some clothes on and gone downstairs, someone has nabbed my paper. The delivery company won’t even put my apartment number on the paper so the doorman can save a copy for me. I’ve gone from 3 dailies to zero cold-turkey and I’m suffering from withdrawal. I miss my papers.

Turns out the NYTimes publisher believes “the New York Times is on a journey that will conclude the day the company decides to stop printing the paper.” I think this is unlikely within the next decade because many people, including me, prefer large broadsheets to web screens. Reading on the web doesn’t allow me to wander through the news to discover something unexpected. Even worse, nothing beats paper for portability and readability. If I want to read on the subway, I’m not going to pull out a $2K laptop. Basically, I prefer paper news for the same reason most people prefer paper books. If I could somehow print a custom paper with the right feel and size, that might be a substitute. Where can I get that rough broadsheet for a home printer?


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