Unlocked French iPhones

October 17, 2007

Apparently, Apple must sell unlocked iPhones in France. This is great, but it doesn’t matter much to Apple. From what I’ve read, Apple gets a kickback of ~$200 for every AT&T subscriber. Therefore, Apple makes $600 per phone ($400 for 8GB model). Rumor has it that Apple will charge 100 Euro more than the 400 pounds it charges in the UK. For Apple, that’s an extra $140, which makes up their loss on the kickback (though most people will sign up with Orange to get visual voicemail, preserving their kickback). Are any Americans willing to pay 400 pounds + 100 euros for an unlocked iPhone? That’s around $950 for the phone. That’s insane, especially when competitors will have cheap knockoffs next year anyway.


One Response to “Unlocked French iPhones”

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