iPhone Review

September 4, 2007

My gal got an iPhone, which means I’ve been playing with it nonstop and she’s been begging to use it. The iPhone is fantastic. It is insanely great. For the record, I’m not an Apple fanboy. The only Apple product I own is a 1st gen iPod I got as a gift. So here are the few things that are less than perfect with the iPhone:

  • Lack of cut&paste.
  • Managing multiple Inboxes is a bit tedious.
  • Can’t edit contacts while I’m on the phone. Someone gave me their address and I couldn’t update their contact.
  • Can’t edit a Favorite in Google maps. I located and saved a restaurant on the map. But the address was really weird. I couldn’t edit it, though. I had to create a new entry manually.
  • Bluetooth headset has static when I use the browser while talking.
  • Can’t change the GSM card. I want to use a prepaid SIM card when I travel. There are hacks available, though.
  • EDGE is sloooowwww. It’s still usable, though. (NYC area)
  • Can’t use voip on your WiFi network. Someone please hack the iPhone and add that.
  • It’s gets quite hot when you’re using it.
  • Smudges everywhere. This is an obvious problem, not sure what to do about it.
  • Lack of stereo Bluetooth kinda sucks, but there must be an plugin available.
  • Can’t edit textboxes in Safari. On numerous websites, when I misspell my login name, I can’t hit backspace or get that magnifying glass tool to edit the text. I have to reload the page and start over. This must be fixed soon.
  • There’s no external light to let you know you’ve got email. That would really help.
  • I don’t think the Contact list can be divided into groups. I don’t think there’s a search function either (show all Microsoft contacts).
  • No wireless synch. I’ve got Bluetooth and WiFi, what more do they need?
  • I didn’t notice a search function for email, but that would be very important. If I’m talking to a customer, I need to find their email quick.

There’s are a few more minor problems. But if you’ve got $600 burning a hole in your pocket I would definitely recommend it. I’m still waiting for the consumer version of OpenMoko. And that rumor of a Google cell phone is also tempting.


One Response to “iPhone Review”

  1. colin Says:

    Great list, but I have one addition: No Replaceable battery! This and the EDGE network sluggishness are deal-breakers, especially for the price.

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