Musclehead Review

August 27, 2007

I began strength conditioning in June and July using this algorithm. I went traveling at the end of July and had a low-level flu that sapped my energy for a few weeks. So I only did this steadily for 1.5 months. In that time I went from 136lbs to 142lbs. On nearly every machine, I doubled the amount of weight I would lift. This is to be expected because I was starting from such a weak position. I now have a few small, visible muscles. One unfortunate side effect of getting “huge” is that my pecs jiggle when I go down the stairs. I can actually feel the weight of my muscles jerking around. It’s like a woman bouncing without a bra: it’s a mild annoyance. My flu appears to have dissipated, so I’ll get back to the gym today. But will I need a man-bra, aka “The Bro” from Seinfeld?


2 Responses to “Musclehead Review”

  1. jon Says:

    pics or never happend 🙂

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