Eating Humble Pie

August 6, 2007

Michael Ignatieff, former professor of political science at Harvard, admits he was wrong to support the Iraq war. He visited the Kurdish areas in 1992 and allowed his emotions to cloud his judgement. So why is he publishing a public apology? He is now a member of the Canadian parliament and the Liberal Party. He wants to be Prime Minister someday, so he has to explain himself to his staunchly anti-war constituents. Better to do it now then during the campaign where he will be accused of political opportunism. In fact, the whole article is clearly laying the groundwork for his eventual campaign. It’s irritating, really. During the debates leading up to the Iraq War, there was no way to puncture the self-righteousness of these pro-war morons. And now when he wants to run for higher office, he says “whoops, my bad!” and will continue to make the same mistakes. The Iraq War has exposed the small minds behind the curtain of fancy degrees. Next time I won’t give the benefit of the doubt to intellectuals with Ivy League vocabularies.


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