Newegg reviews

July 26, 2007

Unfortunately, I’ve been buying a lot of computer gear recently. I’ve found the reviews on Newegg to be tremendously useful. Most are idiots, but there enough people there with insightful opinions that make my purchasing decisions much easier. Newegg should find a way to exploit this resource. For example, it could require registration to view most customer reviews. Also, it should be easier to find and track those people I’ve found to give insightful reviews (social networking?). They become “experts”, and I might be interested in something they recently purchased. I guess Amazon does something similar, but it doesn’t personalize it for me. There’s just one big reviewer ranking, or you can look at all reviews by a particular person. Not quite what I had in mind, but a decent first step.

I just checked… apparently you can fetch the customer reviews using Amazon’s E-Commerce Service. I guess I could build this feature myself.


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