AIDS will not be stopped

July 26, 2007

The Charlie Rose Show interviewed a bunch of scientists on the global AIDS epidemic. The general consensus is that there will not be a cure or vaccine in the near future, so stop hoping for a quick medical fix. Currently, the rate at which AIDS is spreading is greater than the rate at which people are dying. There exists drugs that can reduce the rate of transmission – the drug company is giving it away for free – but they all said the medical infrastructure in most of these countries is so poor that they can’t deliver the drugs. Since there’s no medical solution, the only thing left is to reduce the transmission rate below the death rate without relying much on long-term medical services. One easy solution is to circumcise the men-folk, because it’s been found to reduce the rate of transmission by 50%. Another quick fix is to regulate brothels (frequently test ‘hos for AIDS) and strongly encourage condoms (free, scary propaganda, spot checks?). Finally, follow the example of Uganda and Thailand and institute a broad social campaign to change people’s behavior. These solutions can be implemented by poor governments at very little cost, but they won’t do it because they are useless morons. AIDS can be stopped, but it will not be stopped.

In many ways AIDS reminds me of obesity. In both cases, reckless and irresponsible behavior leads to a life threatening disease. I know a few people have valid excuses, e.g. improper blood transfusions for AIDS, genetic predisposition for obesity. But the overwhelming majority will die because they won’t take personal responsibility for their own lives. I say let them die. Consider it an easy way to weed out stupid people from our population.


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