Facebook Flash Mob

June 29, 2007

Recently some people have been raving about Facebook’s API for widgets. You get access to their social networking graph and they’ll inject your app into their pages. So here’s my idea: you select from a list of upcoming events those which you will or may attend. When your friends look at the same list, they’ll see how many of their friends are planning to attend: “Acid Jazz Concert (4)”. Click on the event to get event info and a list of their friends planning to attend. This makes it much easier to organize a group event, without the bother of evites, emails, and telephone tag. This basic idea can be vastly improved, but this is enough to get started. The only similar application I could find is Attendio, but they neglect the social networking part (which is the whole point of the Facebook API). Anyway, one competitor doesn’t mean the area is saturated. I can’t think of any obvious reasons for why this idea sucks. I don’t think it will make any money, but if it is self-sufficient (pays for servers and bandwidth) then that’s good enough for me.

[edit: Doh!! Upcoming already does something similar, but poorly. Obviously Yahoo can’t write apps for Facebook. So there’s a small opening for a Facebook widget.]


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