SkypeOut + Fax

June 20, 2007

I can’t find any program that allows me to send a fax through SkypeOut to a landline connected fax machine. One would need to write a modem driver that connects to the Skype app. Then Microsoft’s Fax Console can send data to the driver, which forwards it through Skype to the final destination. Some companies still use fax machines and this would be a convenient product to round out a VoIP-enabled office. Even better would be to launch the fax program when I scan something. Can I pay someone in India to write it for me?


2 Responses to “SkypeOut + Fax”

  1. Apiel Says:

    you should check out it lets you send faxes using skype. It really is a lifesaver and is considerably better than other faxing programs

  2. projectshave Says:

    thanks. Skax is strange. They don’t appear to be using Skype for anything. They send the docs to their servers and fax it using their own lines.

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