Overclocking is worth the trouble

June 8, 2007

Earlier I posted about building myself a new computer. I finally did it. It’s an Intel E6420 Core 2 Duo, Asus P5B motherboard, dual-dvi graphics card (plus other parts). Total cost was $700. Overclocking can tax your hardware and shorten it’s lifespan. However, hardware is obsolete in 3 years, so it pays to squeeze out more performance at lower costs. I haven’t overclocked it yet, but the ASUS tools make it quite easy to do so. ASUS has a cool tool that will automatically overclock your system when the load increases. I’m aiming to increase the speed from 2.13 to 3 GHz, which everyone says is a sustainable increase using the stock cooler. All I need now is a pair of giant wide-screen monitors and (maybe) I’ll finally get to work.


One Response to “Overclocking is worth the trouble”

  1. projectshave Says:

    It fails at 2.8GHz!! I may have to buy a fancy cooler.

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