June 6, 2007

At a series of tech talks, many startups have indicated they are building their apps on top of Amazon’s web services (AWS). Everyone loves AWS. I wonder if anyone has implemented a dynamic version of Linux Virtual Server (LVS) on AWS? By “dynamic” I mean a cluster that grows and shrinks based on demand. The heartbeat process would need to monitor the load on the cluster and dynamically start a new server whenever demand increases. It would then need to modify the load balancer to include the new server. Since the web servers are identical, it should be easy to reuse the same image. The only tricky part is to connect all these machines together at runtime using the generated IP addresses from Amazon. It would be nice if there were an open-source fairly automatic solution for this.

RightScale might be doing something similar. This guy describes how to run an MPI cluster on EC2. WeoCEO appears to do some load balancing on EC2. I’ll hunt around for more.


One Response to “LVS on AWS”

  1. Paul Bissett Says:

    We are doing more than just load balancing. WeoCEO is an autonomous, stable IP solution that includes load balancing, fail-safe monitoring, and automatic networked scaling for the Amazon’s EC2 environment.

    We use it for our own neogeography marketplace at WeoGeo. Feel free to pick up a WeoCEO ISO to check it out.

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