May 30, 2007

According to this post, men who drink a cup of milk after exercising gained twice as much muscle as those who drank soy milk. For some reason, consuming soy protein results in less muscle mass than animal protein. Since I am both skinny and lazy, I want to maximize my muscle development with a minimal amount of exercise. After reading a bunch of papers on muscle development, I came up with the following algorithm. Every other day, lift weights at 80% of your maximum capacity until your muscles “fail” (you can’t lift anymore). Immediately after exercising, consume at least 10 grams of protein, preferably more. You don’t need to consume vast amount of protein. When you first start exercising, you consume ~1.3 grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day. You can reduce that after a while because your body becomes more efficient. All that protein that body builders consume is pooped out anyway. And it must be animal protein, not soy. Today I am 5’10”, 136lbs and horrifically skinny. I’m starting this exercise regime today and will report (if I remember) my weight every week. It’ll be hard to consume that much protein because I’m a vegetarian and light eater, but I’ll get some supplements to help out. I hope this works.


One Response to “Musclehead”

  1. […] 27th, 2007 I began strength conditioning in June and July using this algorithm. I went traveling at the end of July and had a low-level flu that sapped my energy for a few weeks. […]

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