Software Process VM

April 19, 2007

I collected some tools I need to institute a software development process into a virtual machine. A VM makes it easy to backup, move to a different server later, and experiment with a copy before making changes in the real VM. I’ve got Subversion for version control, though I’m not happy with the lack of per-file commit messages. I’ve loaded Bugzilla for issue-tracking, but it’s probably overkill for me. I need a Wiki to maintain documentation. I might drop both and use Trac instead. And I’ve only opened SSH and HTTPS ports for security. The problem is all this is packed into a large Ubuntu server image. I’d rather use something smaller, like Damn Small Linux or tinysofa. Take out X and Gnome and everything else. I want a minimal image size and memory requirements. It should be like a virtual appliance. What am I missing? [ed- I just found]


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