Our maniacs suck

April 17, 2007

A student went nuts at Virginia Tech and killed 30+ people. After 9/11 many people argued that terrorism is dangerous because modern technology allows a single individual (or small group) to kill vastly more people than ever before. Inevitably a few people will go postal every year, but why don’t they kill more people? In the US we have easy access to military-grade weapons and explosive chemicals. Instructions to make bombs are available somewhere on the Internet. It’s easy to find crowds of people in vulnerable locations. With a little planning an individual should be able to kill 50+ people… and escape. If you’re willing to die, you could kill many more people. The fact that we don’t have a maniacal evil genius on par with bin Laden is an indictment of our educational system, and the creativity and ambition of our criminal class.


One Response to “Our maniacs suck”

  1. chris Says:


    Most of the mass murderers are motivated by a perceived personal injury, hence the need to avenge themselves with a killing spree. Killing a mass of people with a bomb would defeat the purpose, it seems to me, by making the deaths collective, anonymous and not an exhibition of vengeance and intimate, nihilistic violence.

    Also, terrorists seem to be motivated by an ideology rather than a wounded ego or need for vengeance against one’s peers.

    Terrorist mass-killings are statements and political acts. Mass murders seem to be acts of revenge or outbreaks of deep-seated rage.

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