How much for the women?

April 10, 2007

According to this paper [page 49, Table 5.6], an Asian man must earn $309K/year to have the same odds of success with white women as does a white man earning $62K/year. This would place the Asian guy almost in the top 1% of all incomes in America. A white man, however, would only need $38K to have the same odds of success with Asian women as does an Asian guy earning $62K. I’ve got no choice now but to get myself a RealDoll.


2 Responses to “How much for the women?”

  1. varatphong Says:

    Interesting! I think it’s really about confidence though. People who dont earn a lot are really insecure when compared to those on top. This effects their confidence. Confidence can really make someone shine and as a result be attractive. A lack of confidence and you’re stuck in a shell, too timid to show yourself and hidden from the world thus no one notices you.

    I use to drink whisky, lots of it. It was a cool drink and thus it was easy to gain acceptance. Especially when you’re seen downing shot after shot. For health reasons I’ve since switched to tea. A “Nancy Boy” I’ve been called, but a drink doesnt make me! Although I know how to play it, it only works if you act with confidence!


  2. […] babe on his arm. These women were not hookers, though a big expat salary certainly helps. As I explained earlier, a white guy does better than an Asian guy with Asian women in the US. In Asia, a fat, […]

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