The Next President is…

March 20, 2007

Obviously, this is a wild guess because anything can and will happen in the next 1.5 years. I’m not ecstatic about any of the candidates. Let’s run through the list and pick who might win, not who I like.

  • McCain is too conservative and his support of the Surge will kill him. Social conservatives don’t trust him.
  • Giuliani was a hated mayor who had one brief, shining moment on 9/11. He’s got so many negatives he’ll implode very quickly. Don’t run, Rudy.
  • Romney is an ok guy, but the country is uncomfortable with a Mormon. Also, his sudden flip-flopping on conservative issues loses his previous support and won’t get him any conservative support. A very dumb move.
  • Newt is insane.
  • Clinton is actually a very good candidate, but she’s got so many negatives the Republicans will tear her apart. Also, do we want another family dynasty? One president per family; sorry Chelsea.
  • Obama is also fairly good, though we don’t know much about him. If he had 6 yrs in the Senate, he’d be great. For now, he’s coasting on his celebrity. He’s got a strong team and he’s smart and he’s raising a lot of money. Let’s hope there are no dead hookers in his closet.
  • Richardson has tons of experience and seems like a strong candidate; however, he’s got a few strong negatives. He might be sexist. The Rep. can paint him as “soft” on North Korea. But I’m not sure why he hasn’t gotten more attention. As far as I can tell he’s a Hispanic Bill Clinton.
  • Edwards has a lot going for him, though his apology for his Iraq vote may make him look soft or wishy-washy. I think he’s too liberal and populist, but it may work for him if the country goes into a mild recession as expected.

The winner is Barack Obama. Second place goes to Hillary Clinton. Runner-up is John Edwards. However, my personal favorite for now is Bill Richardson.


4 Responses to “The Next President is…”

  1. algoredotorg Says:

    Gore is beating Edwards and very close to Obama in many polls. If & when he declares, he will likely be the instant front runner.

  2. ***One president per family; sorry Chelsea.****

    Ah, this rule has already been violated. GWBush is the son of a….former President.

  3. projectshave Says:

    I know that. It’s a disaster. And President John Quincy Adams (6) was the son of President John Adams (2). With 300 million people, we don’t need to elect another relative of an ex-president.

  4. wonderweirdo Says:

    Some info on Obama. I cn’t remember the names, but he actually owes his position and celebrity to a Major player in the Illinois Democratic Machine with the power to make senators. The Illinois Democratic Party handles changes of power the way the Communist party did in the Soviet Union. If you don’t belive me, look at the Cook County President John Stroger Jr. He had a stroke just after the primary, and his son got the endoresment of his fellow Democrats, and he’s ruining the local government. Obama owes the kind of people you wouldn’t want to see running a criminal syndicate. That’s why Hilary ran for the senate in New York and not her native Illinois because the Democrativ politics in Illinois are corrupt and in New York she didn’t owe anyone anything.

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