Leadership is anti-democratic

March 8, 2007

Politicians and activists use the word “leadership” as cover to do something that goes against the will of the people. The Republicans denigrate Clinton’s alleged poll-tested positions, but isn’t that the most democratic way to run the government? In a democracy, the government must do whatever the voters want. If Bush continues with the war despite 66% public opposition, he is being a dictator. Of course, a politician must persuade the electorate to back a particular plan. But if the public is opposed to something, then politicians should stop going down that path. In a democracy we should have more poll-tested, “finger in the wind” politicians who do as they’re told by the electorate. We don’t need another dictator “leader”.


2 Responses to “Leadership is anti-democratic”

  1. ixnacious Says:

    On the other hand, politicians “who do as they’re told” are often the unprincipled dirty scumbags who would do whatever it takes to stay in power rather than do what he thought was right.

    Perhaps if we really wanted a real democracy, we might as well all watch C-SPAN and have mass internet referendums on every major bill that comes our way. Unfortunately, we are not at the point in time where that is possible. Maybe when one day we’re all hooked up to the global net via cybernet implants (a la Deus Ex), this could happen.

    I think we already have our check on politicians we don’t like though. We just don’t vote for them again. It’s really not that difficult.

  2. Bush is no leader, he’s a dictator and he wants you to believe it’s leadership. A leader convinces you that his way is the best of all options which a leader debates. That is not what Bush does. GWBush says its his way or no way. That’s not leadership, that’s a dictatorship.

    It’s too bad Congress ain’t as smart as GWBush.

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