Rape prevention

February 23, 2007

Obviously, rape is a serious crime that should be punishable by a severe scrotal beating. However, I’ve never understood why feminist get so annoyed when women are warned to be more careful. For any crime, there are two parallel partial solutions: catch the criminals and warn the victims. This comment from a delusional nitwit on the previous link made me laugh out loud:

“A few years ago, after a spate of pick-pocketing in the subway, the police released a public service ad telling people how to avoid being the victim of a pick-pocket.

“I remember thinking, why are they wasting our time with this? Why don’t they put more effort into telling the pick-pockets to respect other people and stop being pick-pockets? Why is it always up to the victim to protect herself?”

Imagine applying this retard’s advice to any other crime. Large billboard ads that say “Murder is wrong! Cut it out.” or “If it’s not your car, it’s NOT ok to take it!”. Does anyone believe this would curtail those crimes? Why then would a public service campaign do much to reduce incidents of rape? There appear to be a number of women who think that criminals are simply misinformed. If society explained that committing crimes is not acceptable, then they would behave. Somehow putting criminals in jail isn’t a strong disincentive, but a clever slogan would do the trick. I can almost understand how a warped mind may worry that “warning women” can lead to “blaming women for not heeding the warning”. Nevertheless, we all (men & women) must take sensible precautions to make it more difficult for criminals to prey on us.


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