Economics of RealDoll

February 14, 2007

From the Dilbert Blog: RealDoll makes realistic life-sized female sex dolls. I didn’t realize they looked so real. Scott Adams asks, would you tap that? I’m a terrible failure with real women. I think it’s important to acknowledge failure and find a new strategy, rather than persist in a losing cause (see also: Iraq). Therefore, I think I’ll have to consider one. Turns out I’m a “body 8” kinda’ guy. The whole package is a quite reasonable $6500. Would I feel bad about fucking an inanimate sex doll? Sure, but only because it violates conventional social mores. But women aren’t ashamed of using dildos, so why should men be ashamed of using sex toys? Logically, it’s a good deal for a guy like me. I’m a stoic loner who finds emotional stuff confusing and irritating. I don’t need anything from women except a warm pocket to hide the sausage. The only downside is that it’s difficult to get turned on by a lifeless doll. Men are self-starters in their teen years, but require some hands-on help as they age. Porn helps most men, but I find it rather boring.

Is it economically a good deal? For most nerds, finding a willing woman is a difficult task. Here’s a rough guesstimate. Assume only 1 in 10 women you ask out agree to a date. Of those, 1 in 3 agree to a 2nd date. By now she probably likes you, so assume half will continue for a 3rd date. Since nerds aren’t dating sexually voracious women, let’s make an immensely optimistic assumption that half of these women will have sex with you after the 3rd date. That means you must ask out (10 * 3 * 2 * 2) women to have sex: 120 women. If you waste $50 on a woman per date, that’s (3 * 2 * 2) * $50 = $600 for 1 night of sex. However, if you get a woman to stick around, that amount can be spread across many fucks. Assume a girlfriend sticks around for 6 months and you nail her, on average, twice a week. That’s 8 fucks/month * 6 = about 50 fucks. If you waste another $100 per week on her, that’s $600 + ($100 * 6 months * 4 weeks) = $3000. So that’s $3000 / 50 fucks = $60 for each fuck. That’s cheaper than a hooker ($200/hour!!), but a lot more work. The cost of a RealDoll ($6500) is nearly the cost of 2 6-month girlfriends. To conclude, I think the RealDoll is a good deal for most men, unless you’re tired of porn.


2 Responses to “Economics of RealDoll”

  1. chris sivori Says:

    Like many nerds, you’re over thinking it. I’ve set up several of my friends with women resulting in successful relationships and it often comes down to finding a woman who is patient enough to deal with the arrogance and pedantic personalities found in many ‘nerds’. Also, many nerds have completely fantastical expectations.

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