The Terrorists Have Won

February 2, 2007

Adult Swim organized a strange ad campaign around two minor characters, the badly drawn Mooninites, on Aqua Teen Hunger Force (my second favorite adult swim cartoon… Harvey Birdman is better). As everyone knows by now, Boston completely freaked out because they thought a Lite-Bright with a cartoon character giving the finger was a bomb. Here’s what I don’t understand: once the bomb squad determined that the first device was not a bomb, why did they continue searching the city for more of these signs? Why did they continue scaring the public with their delusions about a terrorist bomb threat? I’ll bet bin Laden and his cronies are laughing their asses off as Americans freak out over a stupid cartoon ad! The terrorists have officially won.

Anyway, here’s a press conference with the guy’s arrested for putting up these ads in Boston. They refused to take any of this seriously (because it’s so ridiculous) and, instead, talk about hairstyles from the ’70s. Their sense of humor is exactly like that of adult swim’s cartoons: ironic, juvenile, detached. Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens are my new heroes for their unflappable wit in the face of a flapping press corp.


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