Blog Digest

January 30, 2007

Years ago I had an idea for a blog reader that would allow you to quickly republish a list of entries you liked. You would act as an editor for a digest magazine, hopefully in your area of expertise. For example, I could read lots of technical blogs and republish a subset of entries that I thought were worth reading. Then others can subscribe to my RSS feed, thus skipping the crap and getting right to the good stuff. Of course, my slow-witted friends didn’t see the genius in this idea, but Google Reader implemented the exact same idea with “sharing”. (An open-source implementation is called reBlog). A useful extension would be to allow people to attach a note explaining whyan entry is interesting. Google Reader is really quite good. I wish more popular bloggers started publishing their blog digests. It would reduce the amount of time I waste reading news in the mornings.


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