Bad Drivers

January 29, 2007

Drivers in the Northeast are the worst in the country, and New Jersey is the worst of the bunch. The drivers here are equal parts aggressive and incompetent. They make right turns from the left lane (and left turns from right lanes). Noone here is familiar with turn signals. They stop on big, busy streets. They drive in the center of two-lane roads. They wait at green lights and run through red lights. They don’t stop at Stop signs. Not one driver on the East Coast can parallel park. Thankfully I take the subway most of the time; otherwise, my road rage would have caused a heart attack by now. In my experience, Los Angeles has the best drivers (on average). New Jersey is like a 3rd world country.


2 Responses to “Bad Drivers”

  1. me Says:

    Since when is New Jersey in New England?

  2. projectshave Says:

    You’re right. Changed it to “northeast”.

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