January 25, 2007

How do rabid Bush supporters feel about Bush’s domestic agenda outlined in the State of the Union speech? These are all policies associated with Democrats! Except for tax cuts, what about Bush is remotely Republican?

  • Energy: Democrats have been pushing to raise CAFE standards for a very long time.
  • Health Care: Democrats have pushed for universal care since HilaryCare.
  • Spending Reforms: The Republicans went nuts and increased spending on pork, overturning Clinton’s surplus to a dangerous deficit. Remember the Rep. Senator from Alaska’s bridge to nowhere? The Democrats have supported a balanced budget since the mid-90s.
  • Education: Republicans tried to shut down the Dept. of Education since Reagan, now Bush wants to overrule local control of schools with the No Child Left Behind legislation.
  • Immigration: The Republicans are mostly opposed to Bush’s plan, but the Democrats support most of it. This could actually get passed this year.
  • Judges: Not really a legislation change, just wants to pack the courts with conservative nuts.

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