Can’t live with ’em…

January 24, 2007

NYTimes columnist John Tierney asks, “Why do women suffer to look like skeletons even when men don’t want them to?” More broadly, why do women punish themselves with bikini waxes, high heels, liposuction & breast implants, excessive dieting, uncomfortable clothing, and so on? I put this question to my best friend, a woman who does none of these things. Though she’s worked with women in many contexts – counselor at a girl’s dorm, a women’s shelter, a rape support group – she’s an angry misogynist. When she asks other women why they do this or that, they respond with rationalizations, denials, and anger. Consequently, she has few female friends. So when I put this question to her, she answers that women are simply insane. There’s a startling congnitive dissonance rattling around within women’s skulls. For example, Brazilian men like thick women, Brazilian women want to be bone thin. Women want big plastic knockers, men prefer real boobs in any size. Women stumble around in high heels (modern day foot binding?), while men couldn’t care less. So who are women trying to impress? Some say other women, particularly their mothers. Some say the big, bad media made them do it. Whatever it is, men and the patriarchy are not responsible for women’s self-destructive behaviour. And I’ve found one woman who agrees with that.


One Response to “Can’t live with ’em…”

  1. chris sivori Says:

    Same reason many men work out to have chiseled physiques. I’ve found that many women don’t like these overwrought bodies with low body fat, waxed hairlessness, etc., but men do it anyway.

    Most people like people of the opposite sex who are healthy, but not vain enough to go to extremes with their appearance. It signals desperation or narcissism and is therefor unappealing.

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