Who approves of Bush?

January 23, 2007

Bush now has a 28% approval rating, a record low for his administration. Before his resignation, Nixon had a 24% approval rating. After the Iran hostage situation, Carter had a 26% approval rating. I’m sure those who approved of Carter are not the same as those who approved of Nixon. However, it seems no matter how bad things get the President can rely on 1/4 the population to approve of the way he is doing his job. Who are these people? I’m guessing that 25% of the American population would happily live in a fascist state with blind obedience to their Dear Leader. North Korea is their ideal government. There may be some personality differences between liberals and conservatives that might explain why some people are loyal to a fault. My wild guess is that (1) America is a very religious country, (2) some religious people believe in complete deference to religious authorities, (3) some of those people extend this to blind allegience to any authority. Also, they were probably so pro-Bush in ’04 that they cannot admit to others and themselves that they were wrong. That would bring doubt, and dumb people can’t handle doubt. In a decade prepare yourself for lots of revisionist history books describing Bush as a great commander thwarted by liberal wankers. Can you believe there are still people today who think McCarthy was a great man? Pitiful.


One Response to “Who approves of Bush?”

  1. Very very intersting…really…WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Is 25% of the country that reliant on deferance of power and purely authoritarian no matter who the authority is? It’s the blind leading the blind.

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