AIDS in Africa

January 11, 2007

Over at The Becker-Posner Blog, both complain that there is limited progress in the fight against AIDS transmission in sub-Saharan Africa. Both suggest that charities are wasting their money there without substantial improvements in those countries’ governments and economies. Since wearing condoms can reduce AIDS transmission substantially, it seems to me that we should work on a better condom that men would want to wear. I’ve tried a variety of condoms and have not found a comfortable one yet. Most strangle my unit, all substantially reduce any sensations. It’s definitely an interruption in the flow to put one on. So I propose that charities invest in research on more comfortable condoms that increase sexual pleasure. The spray-on condom is a good start. I haven’t tried the vibrating condom yet, but it probably feels good. If men prefer sex with condoms, then simply flood Africa with cheap/free improved condoms and watch AIDS drop. Problem partly solved. Now I just need some willing women to help test my condom ideas.


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