Apple iPhone

January 9, 2007

I am not an Apple fanboy masturbating to Jobs’ CES presentation. I only own a 1st-gen iPod that I use when traveling. However, I am sporting a red-hot hardon for the new Apple iPhone. Ever since I saw the first Palm, I’ve wanted a portable device with just a large touch-screen. It took way too long for someone to do it right, but my first impression is that Apple did a fantastic job. It looks beautiful. The reported specs make me want to cry with joy. I am ambivalent about the on-screen keyboard. Apple knows that IM and email are essential, so they must have solved the keyboard problem. Anyway, someone will put handwriting recognition on this thing within weeks. I’m really hoping that it is running MacOS and it’s open for developers. Think about it… Unix running on a beautiful, powerful portable device. There could be so many innovative apps for this thing. I may actually shell out the obscene $500 asking price for this. If there’s an SDK, I’ll be first in line at the Apple store.


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