Donkey Sex

November 30, 2006

The last video on this page allegedly shows a guy boinking a donkey. As a pathetic loser with long dry spells between drunken skanks offering me pity sex, I can honestly say that the idea of screwing farm animals has never occured to me. If this video is true — and I pray this is a brilliant hoax — then that is a seriously fucked up culture. On the bright side, by comparison my personal life has not yet hit rock bottom. On the other hand, now I know there exists a bottom far worse than I had imagined. Thank goodness for Dutch prostitutes.


2 Responses to “Donkey Sex”

  1. Filed in “Culture”. Nice touch!

    I love your blog. It is not boring and it doesn’t suck.

    Come see mine! I like to think that it doesn’t suck, either, not even donkey d!@&s.

  2. Ox Says:

    I’m not going to check out that vid! But I know of a friend of a friend who walked into his home and found his girlfriend bonking her dog.

    It happens.

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