Skype phone

November 1, 2006

Since I don’t have any friends, it’s pointless to pay the phone company $20/month for a landline connection. Instead, I purchased a USB adaptor to connect my phone to Skype through my cable modem. I paid for a 3-month SkypeIn (landline to Skype) phone number so my mother could periodically nag me to get a job. Everything appears to work well; however, the sound quality with SkypeOut (Skype to landline) is comparable to a cell phone, i.e. varies between awful (pauses, echoes, distortions) to a decent cell phone connection. This works great while Skype generously offers free SkypeOut calls, but next year I’ll have to start buying credits. If the sound quality is overwhelmingly bad, I’ll be forced to get a landline. That will cut into my monthly porn budget.


One Response to “Skype phone”

  1. Can your mother use a computer? Then you could use Skype computer to computer for free.

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