Voice recognition

October 26, 2006

I’m dictating this post using Microsoft’s voice recognition system. The systems have done a lot of good press lately. I’d really like to use speech recognition more often, especially for dictating posts, emails, documents and other mindless typing tasks. Even though I’ve been working with computers for 25 years, I still don’t know how to type. I can’t stop correcting the generated text . For some reason, when I say period , it leaves a space after the last word. unless I say period quickly its leaves an extra space. You’ll notice that there are still numerous errors in the generated text. I have a clear Midwestern American accent, so my and should be a very easy voice to recognize. I’ve only trained the system once, maybe it will improve with further training. Periodically, I would try to use this speech recognition system to dictate posts into this block. In the future, I’d like to use my voice to control most of the applications on my computer. It is sold last century to use the keyboard and mouse kit. That sentences dozen makes sense without any corrections. Now the system is getting worse. I’ll stop now and retrain it.


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