GMM is great

October 16, 2006

Google Maps for Mobiles (GMM) is absolutely indispensable. Since I’ve moved I’ve had to rely on my roommate’s Blackberry Pearl to find our way around the area. When she’s not around, I wander aimlessly for hours trying to find places. It’s useful enough to make me want to buy a cell phone (yes, I still refuse to get a cell phone). But what I really want is GPS navigation. I recently rented a GPS unit for a rental car in Boston. On every previous trip to Boston I got hopelessly lost, but this time I arrived at my destinations with a minimum of hassle. The Pearl supports GPS navigation by connecting to a GPS unit via Bluetooth. I’m too cheap frugal to buy a GPS unit at retail prices, but maybe I can nab one off eBay. It’s difficult being a thrifty gadget freak.


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