Geek Squad rip-off

October 2, 2006

Best Buy’s technical service is handled by Geek Squad, an army of teens that look frighteningly like sitcom stereotypes of nerds. I needed to copy my failing notebook drive to a new drive and figured Geek Squad had the right tool to do it quickly. Apparently, they charge $100 to transfer 9GB, $150 to transfer everything! I was stunned, because they are raping their customers with insane prices for menial tech chores. Non-techies don’t know what it should cost, and some are being robbed of hundreds of dollars. If someone lands on this post looking for Geek Squad, please DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE. Find a small tech shop around town, or offer to hire someone on Craigslist. As for me, I’ll copy my drive the old-fashioned way; indirectly via a disk image.


2 Responses to “Geek Squad rip-off”

  1. businessgolf Says:

    Yes, here is a prime example of a business plan that was set up to last a specific number of days, instead of years or better yet, forever. The Geek Squad obviously was set up for a short term run in as where they make all the money they can before either the consumers learn how to do the work themselves or technology changes where what they do is not needed. Either way, Geek Squad’s and there others like them, days are numbered.

    Unless they reduce their margins to being within a 40 to 45% above costs they will not survive… Current estimates show their profit margins being at around 200 to 300%… I would go with someone else until this absurd business plan runs its course.

  2. hsczp9 Says:

    i almost worked for them…but i decided to venture out on my own…geekdorks suck…

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