Sony eBook

September 27, 2006

Sony came out with another attempt at an electronic book ($350). It supports electronic ink, which is more readable and easier on the eyes than LCD. Books will not be cheaper in electronic form because the cost of printing, shipping, storing and handling returns is a small percentage of a book’s price. Therefore, there must be other reasons to adopt eBooks. Here are some ideas:

  • Textbooks and reference material should be published in electronic form. Students could have all their reading material stored on an SD card.
  • Large manuals for complex products might be a good market. It’s really a subset of the above… “textbooks” for working stiffs.
  • Rent an eBook loaded with travel books and maps. You can optionally load it with books while you’re stuck on an overnight train somewhere.
  • It would be easier to read newspapers & magazines on a small device, rather than deal with a broadsheet. I’m not sure I’d pay for this luxury.
  • Academic papers on an eBook would be great. I’ve got stacks of papers all over the place. It would be great to consolidate all this on a single SD card and device. Though I wish I could make notes on the page. And it would need a better way of organizing titles.

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