Remember The Milk

September 7, 2006

Remember The Milk (RTM) is the verbose name for an excellent online todo list. The service has been steadily improving over time with some very nice features. As much as I’d like to use RTM, there is one nagging problem. There is poor support for “projects”, which are a collection of tasks for a single theme. RTM supports lists, which appear as tabs on top of the task area. Of course you can use a list to keep track of a project. However, most people have zillions of little “projects” and subprojects, which would clutter up the tabs area. What’s really needed is a way to organize lots of small, related project lists. I haven’t found anything that does it well. (Outlook is particulary bad)


2 Responses to “Remember The Milk”

  1. me Says:

    tags, maybe? has tags, although I admit I’ve not really used them for projects.

  2. projectshave Says:

    RTM has tags, plus a “Smart List” which searches and displays the results as a list. Very nice feature, but doesn’t work well for projects. What you want is a list where the “tasks” expand into another sublist. For example, I might have a list called “Clean house” with a task called “Get rid of old stuff”. This task is really a subproject with tasks “Sell stereo”, “Throw out holey tshirts”, etc. Tags could work, but they get confusing because the tag names are global, not local.

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