Cooperative Applications

August 21, 2006

This new open-source phone from Trolltech is certainly drool-worthy. The problem I had with PDAs is that the applications didn’t cooperate with each other. For example, the phone should check my calendar to decide whether it should ring, vibrate or go to voicemail for incoming calls. When WiFi is available, it should switch to VoIP, download RSS feeds and podcasts, and synchronize with other apps over the ‘Net, all without my telling it. The idea is that apps can share information with other apps and act together. This requires a great deal of cooperation between applications and between the OS. To support a 3rd party app market, the OS will need to provide a common storage mechanism, like a database. It will also need to communicate resource availability to apps so they can negotiate how much they require. But I’ll have to wait until the phone is released to see how much of the phone can be modified. No sense in getting my hopes up too early.


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