VoIP to landline

July 20, 2006

All VoIP services charge a fee to call out to a landline phone. I already pay a monthly fee for my landline. Why can’t I route calls toa landline phone throughmy existing landline? Plug the landline into the back of your computer. Use TAPI to connect an open-source VoIP system to the phone line. Route all the voice signals from VoIP through the phone line. Now one could make free phone calls to other VoIP end points, local calls at your landline’s rate, and long-distance calls through your preferred phone service. When I’m on the road, I can make a VoIP connection to my home machine, which then routes the call through my landline. The other direction is also interesting. Any phone call into my landline phone can be rerouted via VoIP to my computer wherever I am. I’m surprised no one has done this yet (AFAIK).


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