Internet Ads

June 24, 2006

Since I started using the Ad Muncher ad blocking program, nearly all advertisements have completely disappeared. I can browse the Internet without popups, Flash animations, flashing distractions and batches of text ads. In addition, it removes ads from other applications like instant messengers, toolbars, P2P apps and all other ghastly ad bloated software. This is a truly wonderful application and I highly recommend it.

As a result of this utility, I was completely unaware that people were actually making money from Internet advertising. The posts on The Paradigm Shift and other resources on the web finally helped me understand all this. The point is that a compelling, free web site can still make substantial sums of money by serving ads. But tech-centric sites will draw a higher percentage of people with ad blockers, so a more general site might be more profitable. For example, I really like the idea behind Yahoo’s Local Events Browser. HousingMaps is another very useful site. I’ve been kicking around some ideas for a while, but never did anything because I’m lazy. But if I can make enough to buy pizza I may actually implement something. I’ll post my ideas later.


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